What are the benefits?

Customers book through your website. Your availability is automatically updated.

No more distractions while you’re on the boat. You receive an email when a trip is booked.

Your customer automatically receives their trip itinerary. You don’t have to send it.

Who are these guys?

Bowring is the face of RippnFish.com at shows and promotions that the company participates in. Bowring conducts presentations informing the public of the company, as well as promotes RippnFish.com throughout the Kansas and Missouri communities at trade shows, business conferences, and other networking events. Bowring’s vision for RippnFish.com is to see the calendar booking system become the most valued tool for fishing guides and their customers.


Thanks to everyone that mad RippnFish happen RippnFish.com wishes to thank the following individuals for contributing to the success of their company: Eric Chia, webmaster, Adam Ziles, graphic designer, Mark Allan, Board of Advisor/mentor, Brandy C. Rea, corporate attorney, Bob Bates, Truman Lake Guide Service and first client testing (beta), Tom Nielsen, logo design, Penny Rushing, accountant, and Rebecca Gubbles, Board of Advisor.